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"Realistic Optimistic"

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Nilla Splice is a dynamic duo consisting of the alter-egos Cad Hollywood and Tru Tyte, Tampa-based musicians combining their love of hip hop, rock, electronica, and everything in between.

Coming from a live rock background they have now combined to create a sound with no limits, any genre, any style, in any combination, resulting in a debut album that leaves you guessing, and wanting more.

"Realistic Optimistic" is a reflection of the ups and downs of life and the struggles we all face.

It portrays the idea that there is always room for fun, and a laugh, no matter how serious life can get, and that we can still be optimistic while being realistic about serious issues.

Tru Tyte

At the core of the Nilla Splice sound is the nostalgic vibe coming from the eclectic beat combinations of Tru, creating an interesting and entertaining listening experience you can't help but move to.

Cad Hollywood

Doubling down on the unusual musical compositions, Cad Hollywood's vocal and lyrics can jockey from a joke to serious social commentary seamlessly. 


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